How To Have A Happy Marriage

You can ask seven people to define a happy marriage and most likely get seven different responses. But if you look into each response they each contain an aspect related to moments that have become the foundations to the relationship. A happy marriage is not perfect, but with a little help and understanding an amazing relationship can develop to last a lifetime. The can see the efforts in a happy marriage, as a couple talk to each, and laugh at the same silly jokes heard over and over. There’s a bond that comes from sharing special moments between only two people.


Emotions are one of the most reactive human responses when it comes to marriage. Think about the laws of attraction, most of the time we have a specific thought and vision in our minds and expect those thoughts to become reality simply because the laws of attraction said we could make it happen. Our emotions offer powerful feelings that allow us to give and take, both critical components of a happy marriage.


In marriage independence is not about being alone, it’s about being reliable – someone your partner can count on when needed, which involves the vows of “richer or for poorer, in sickness and in health”. It’s the assurance your partner knows you are there and not always in full force, but to your best ability without judgment.


The world exists because of different opinions, and there’s not a marriage, which doesn’t have a daily challenge or conflict as a result of just being alive. Respecting the differences and appreciating another viewpoint comes with maturity in developing who we are – it’s not about age because we disagree as children and will continue to do so as adults. It’s about listening to each other and understanding why we feel as we do. The results open a world of opportunities for a happy marriage without barriers.


A happy marriage is about saying thank you in different ways, not because you should but because you enjoy it. Making time alone to rekindle the spirit and love that’s grown over the years, or a special glance from across the room as if no other person were in it, sends a message of appreciation that cannot be measured, but holds a high value. Memories of past hardships dissolve and wither away during these moments, leaving room for more memories based on the present to create the future.

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